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The winner of the 29th NFT of the week is Ornate by Minas Samin Art.

This 30/30 NFT was created in Paper Mosaic. It is available on Voice.

About the piece:
How far would you go to beautify yourself? Some cultures in Ethiopia and east Africa cut their lower lip and their ear lobes to insert a large ornamental plate made of clay to beautify themselves.

This artwork is part of a series I made under the title ‘Ornate’ which I created to celebrate the beauty of women in conjunction with traditional Ethiopian geometrical patterns that goes back for centuries.

I made this piece with a unique medium called ‘paper mosaic’. I discovered this technique out of necessity when a shortage of oil paint supply hit the market in Ethiopia. I had to resort to using alternative means to create my artwork. So I experimented with magazine papers which I had at home. That is how I came up with a whole new medium to create art and I never looked back ever since.

Capisco.Agency launched this weekly contest on Twitter to help collectors find the best NFTs in the market and allow artists of the NFT community to gain more visibility worldwide. The Capisco.Agency twitter community will vote for the Capisco.Agency NFT of the Year Award amongst all the NFT-of-the-Week winners at the end of the year.

About Capisco.Agency Capisco.Agency is an avantgardiste boutique agency that accompanies its clients into this PRESENT shifting moment to the FUTURE era of Web 3.0, blockchain, NFTs, crypto, decentralisation, shaping their future. Capisco.Agency creative and tech team is based in Switzerland, Philippines, Vietnam, Spain, France, and Germany.

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