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The winner of the 33rd NFT of the Week is Bloom by Diela Maharanie.

Diela Maharanie is a visual artist and illustrator based in Indonesia, Whose works mostly bright and colorful filled with vibrant patterns of super saturated hues but also hint a mystery for the character. Maharanie’s colors and patterns comes across in dreamy illustrations and ethereal imagery. Her illustration, paintings and embroidery works have been showed in several exhibitions in some countries. clients she has worked with includes Instagram, Apple music, Adidas, Intel, whatsapp, and more.

This 1-of-1 NFT is available on the SuperRare.


Capisco.Agency launched this weekly contest on Twitter to help collectors find the best NFTs in the market and allow artists of the NFT community to gain more visibility worldwide. The Capisco.Agency twitter community will vote for the Capisco.Agency NFT of the Year Award amongst all the NFT-of-the-Week winners at the end of the year.

About Capisco.Agency Capisco.Agency is an avantgardiste boutique agency that accompanies its clients into this PRESENT shifting moment to the FUTURE era of Web 3.0, blockchain, NFTs, crypto, decentralisation, shaping their future. Capisco.Agency creative and tech team is based in Switzerland, Philippines, Vietnam, Spain, France, and Germany.

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